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Welcome to the Des Moines County Iowa GIS Mapping Application

We have updated our system to a faster, easier to use interface for public access to property information on both computer and mobile devices.

Recent Updates:
  • 2013 taxed values have been updated. Click "Tax Info" on a selected parcel to view new values.
  • Burlington Rentals have been added under Identifiable Layers.
  • Burlington Nuisances have been added under Identifiable Layers.
  • Improved Print Manager stores previously printed maps.
  • New plat map print option on selected parcels.
  • Historic aerial imagery has been added in the Basemap section.
  • Google's Street View can be viewed from a selected parcel or under Tools.
  • The 2006 and 2009 aerials have been added to the Basemap Gallery.
  • Raw data output for the Mailing List to allow CSV output.
  • The "Select by Graphic" Tool now supports multipoint and polygon graphics.
  • Checked Layers under "Countywide" will be remembered for your next visit.

First time here? Please visit the help section to learn more about how to utilize this website.
If you experience any issues regarding the data or the website, or have a suggestion please contact us by phone or email.

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  E911 Address Points
  Historic Lot Lines
  Parcel Dimensions
  Parcel Labels
  Township/Sections/Quarter Sections

  County Two Mile Zone
  Flood Zones
  School Districts
  Voting Precincts
  Burlington Zoning
  West Burlington Zoning
  Corporate Limits
  Corporate Limits: 2 Mile Buffer
  Burlington Truck Routes

Identifiable Features:
  Flood Index
  GPS Monuments
  Section Corners
  Historic Roads
  Burlington/West Burlington Ash Trees
  Burlington Nuisances
  Burlington Rentals

Select a Basemap below to load it into the map

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Pictometry Google Street View

Select By Location Tools
Select by Graphic Buffer Parcel
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Graphics Tool

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Clicking this button will print the map at the current extent including any graphics or layers present.

Measurement Tool

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   This site was created by the Des Moines County GIS Commission to allow public viewing of parcel information in a geographical format. The data cannot be edited or altered through this site.

Map Navigation:

  • Drag to pan
  • SHIFT + Click to recenter
  • SHIFT + Drag to zoom in
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag to zoom out
  • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
  • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
  • Double Click to Center and Zoom in

   At the top right corner of the map is a clickable way to Zoom in/out. The Bookmark is between the zoom option buttons which will display a list of configured extents within Des Moines County. Click again to close the list.
Obtaining Parcel Information:

   There are three ways to obtain information about any parcel:
  • Operate the Search tool
  • Clicking a parcel
  • Selecting from the grid
   More information regarding the search tool can be found below in the Help section under Search/Property Info. Selecting a single parcel is as simple as clicking within the boundaries of a parcel. Once clicked the parcels boundary will change colors to show it is selected and the attributes will be displayed under the search tool in the Search/Property tab.
The grid is populated from the Search tool or a Select by Location tool and clicking on an item in teh grid will zoom to its extent and populate the parcel information.

More Information:

   The data shown after a parcel is selected is limited and to obtain more information requires visiting the Assessor Website or the Iowa Treasurer Website for more detailed information. Direct links are provided for each selected parcel which open in a new window once clicked.
The Email button displays the direct URL to this site to view the selected parcel. Copy the created URL to share with others or by clicking Launch in Email Client will launch your default email client and populate the subject and body of the message. The Print button creates a PDF of the map with the visible layers at its current extent.

   This tab contains the search tool, the attribute results, mailing list, and welcome page. The last three items can only be shown one at a time.

Search Tool:

The search tool allows the user to query the dataset to retrieve results. The Search tool allows the following parameters:
  • Parcel Number
  • Street Address
  • Owner Name
   The parcel number can be formatted (xx-xx-xxx-xxx) or unformatted (xxxxxxxxxx). Street addresses will return the most results when formatted by house number, prefix, and street name (513 N Main St). Owner's name begins with the last name first.
    An autocomplete tool will show matching criteria based on the first three letters of the owner name or address. For example, if searching for "Smith," typing "smi" in the search tool will display the first ten results that match those letters. Keep typing to narrow down results.
    If the query returns one result, that parcel will be selected. If multiple results are found, a grid will launch at the bottom of the screen. Selecting an item in the grid will zoom to that selected parcel and display the results page.

Welcome Page:

   This is the default page that will display when the website loads it is a simple greeting page. Once the user selects a parcel or a parcel was specified in the URL then it will be removed and the Results page will take its place.

Results Page:

   The results page displays the attributes of the selected parcel. Only one parcel can be shown in the results page at a time. The results page contains a photo of the property (if applicable). When the mouse cursor hovers over the image the Expand image and Google Street View buttons become visible. Clicking on each will open a dialog window. The information shown consists of property, assessment, and legal information.

There are six buttons at the bottom of the results page: Assessor Info, Tax info, Treasurer info, Email Parcel, Pictometry, and Print Parcel.
  • The Assessor Info button will send the user to the Assessor Website that will show more information about the selected parcel.
  • The Tax Info button opens a dialog container that shows previous assessed values as well as any taxes, credits, and rates.
  • The Treasurer Info button will send the user to the Iowa treasurer Site where more information regarding the taxes of the selected parcel.
  • The Email button opens a dialog box that displays the parcels link that can be shared. Once clicked, the map will open and select that parcel. Also available is a button that can populate your default email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc)
  • The Pictometry button opens the Pictometry web application centered on the selected parcel.
  • The Print button contains a drop down menu to select between the parcel with aerial and plat. The PDF will contain the parcel information.


   This tool allows the user to toggle between different basemaps. Currently available is the 2010 and 2012 aerial basemaps.


   This container allows the user to toggle the visibility of different layers. To activate a layer, click the checkbox which will open the legend/description below and will render on the map. Layers under Countywide and Jurisdiction are saved to local storage and will activate upon returning to the website.

The items under the Identifiable Features: contain attributes that can be displayed in a popup window. To activate, select a layer by clicking its checkbox, then click the Identify Features button to activate. Then click on a visible feature to display its attributes. Some layers contain images or documents that can be viewed by clicking on the button specified in the pop up window.

External Links:

   The tools under this section link the user out to a new website based on a location selected by the user.
  • Pictometry - This tool launches the Online Pictometry Viewer which can be used to view oblique aerials anywhere in Des Moines County. To use this tool, click the button, then click on the map where you want to view. A new window will open that will launch the Pictometry viewer that will center at the clicked location.
  • Google Street View - This tool sends the user to Google Maps where they can view available images captured by their camera equipped cars. To use this tool, click the button and click on the map near the blue lined roads. A new window will open that will show the location clicked to the nearest available site. Only the blue roads have been recorded and the selected area must be near one of the available roads.

Select by Location Tools:

   There are two tools available in this section: the Select by Graphic tool and the Buffer tool. Both tools will generate a mailing list for all the selected parcels that can be visible by clicking on the "Search/Property Info" Tab. The maximum number of results that can be returned is 1,000 parcels. The mailing address will return only valid addresses. Currently two mailing address labels are supported: the Avery 5160 and the 5161.
  • Select By Graphic - This tool selects parcels by either drawing a rectangle, points, or a polygon. Click the drop down menu and select the tool, then click on the map to activate. The rectangle and polygon tool require a click and drag to select while the multipoint needs a double click to finish. Once completed the tool will select all parcels that intersect the parcels and add them to the mailing list. the mailing list and show how many parcels were selected and how many have valid mailing addresses.

  • Buffer Parcel - This tool requires a parcel be selected. Next insert the distance to be buffered (distance is calculated in feet with 1000 feet being the maximum search distance). The map will zoom to the extent of the buffer and select all parcels that fall within buffer.

Graphics Tool:

   The Graphics tool is used for drawing graphics on the map. Once drawn all the graphics can be printed. Points, lines, and polygons can be selected from the drop down list and follow the tooltips to draw. The color of the graphic can be changed by selecting a color from the color picker. Opacity can be adjusted for the polygon graphic using the opacity slider next to the color picker. Graphics can be undone/redone using the left and right arrows. A grayed out icon means that there is not an option to undo/redo a graphic. The Deactivate button can be used to cancel a current drawing.
   A created graphic can be edited by double clicking on the graphic. The graphic can be rescaled and rotated as well as vertices can be moved by clicking and dragging and deleted by right clicking the vertices. The color of the graphic can be changed by selecting a color in the color picker.
    TheEsc button deselects the graphic and the Delete button deletes the selected graphic.

Print Tool:

   The print tool will create a landscape PDF of the map at the current extent with all visible layers including those from the Graphics tool. Once clicked it will send a request which will process in the background. Once completed another popup will display with a link to the created map.

Measurement Tools:

   This tool allows measurement of an area or by length. The coordinates of a point can also be calculated.
  • Length - Click the icon then click once on the map at the start of the line, move to the next vertex, click and repeat. Double click to complete the measurement
  • Area - Click the icon then on the map for the first corner, then move the next area, click and repeat. Double click to complete the measurement to show the perimeter and area of the polygon.
  • Location - Click the icon and then select a point on the map to display the latitude and longitude below the measurement tool.
  • Parcel Info - Click the icon and then select a parcel to show its area and perimeter.
  •    The length of a line in both the Length and Area tools as well as the bearing are generated automatically based on the mouse position in relation to the previous click.

    Contact Information:
    Matt Warner, Assessor
    (319) 753-8224
    513 N Main St,
    Burlington IA 52601

    Austin Roelfs, GIS Coordinator
    (319) 753-8759
    513 N Main St,
    Burlington IA 52601

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    Homestead Credit: Military:
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    The print service is processing your print request at the current extent with visible layers. This may take over a minute to complete. This site is fully functional during this process but will be canceled if refreshed or closed.


    The print service is complete, click below to open the printed map in a new window.

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    There are no Google Street View locations found.

       Possible reasons include:
    • Google Street View not exist in the selected area.
    • Selected area was too far away from road.

    If you would prefer to see this location in Pictometry, click the link below.

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    Important Message

    At 3 pm we will be performing an important server maintenance. During that time this website will not be accessible for 20 to 30 minutes. The Des Moines County Assessor website will still be functional for users to view property information.